Students as teachers assessment

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Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal + Angle Pairs

Name one pair of….
• Alternate exterior angles
• Corresponding angles
• Same-Side Interior Angles
• Vertical angles
• Adjacent angles

parallel cut by transversal

True or false

• Supplementary angle measures sum to 185 degrees. (True- False)
• Complimentary angle measures sum to 90 degrees. (True- False)
• A straight angle measures 180 degrees. (True- False)
• Perpendicular lines form a right angle. (True- False)

Parallel lines cut by a transversal +angle pairs Project outline

Peyton Baranowski
Mr. Rob
Presentation outline

1- Introduce Topic
• Discuss parallel lines cut by a transversal
• Discuss angle pairs
• Discuss angle types
• Briefly go over triangle classification
2- Game
• Divide the group into 2 teams
• Decide team names
• Play the game
3- Hand out the assessment
• Handout assessment to class
• Thank them for watching

This is the outline for my student as teachers project