Young Bloods Activity Part 5

Peyton Baranowski
Mr. Rob
Algebra 5


After teaching the fifth graders I learned a lot. The activity went great; however, I discovered many things I wasn’t expecting to happen. When I started the activity it seamed the kids could already add and subtract fractions with no problems. After solving a couple problems I asked the kids if they had any problems they wanted to do. One of the kids gave me a fraction with unlike denominators; the kids could solve the problem with ease.


I found it very useful to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. At the end of the activity I thought the kids how to divide, add, and subtract fractions. I wasn’t expecting to teach the kids how to divide the fractions; however, when I asked the kids if they wanted to know how to divide fractions they all said yes. At the end of the activity I let the kids keep the Legos I handed out in the beginning.


In conclusion I learned that the Ohana 5th graders are much smarter than expected.  I learned that I like teaching other people and watching them succeed. If I could do this activity again I would ask the kids what they knew about the subject before teaching them.  All of the 5th graders aced the assessment I gave them!

Young Bloods Activity Part 3

Peyton Baranowski
Algebra PBL 3
Mr. Rob

 I will be teaching the 10 year olds or the 5th grade to add and subtract fractions. I will be teaching the fifth graders Thursday the 12th at 10:15am in the fifth grade classroom. The fifth graders will use Legos to represent adding and subtracting fractions. For example this might be a fraction set the 5th graders will add or subtract: 1/4+2/4. I will need a stack of four Legos with four dots on the top, for each student.


Student assessment:


1-      Did you like the activity?


2-   Did you like using Legos?


3-   How could Peyton done better?


4-   Now its time to test your skills. Can you add these fractions together without the Legos?


  • 3/7+2/7


  • 5/8+2/8


  • 2/4+2/4

Young Bloods Activity Part 2

Peyton Baranowski
Algebra PBL2
Mr. Rob

 The fifth grade will be shown how to add and subtract fractions. I will use Legos to represent fractions; the number of dots on the top will represent the fraction type. If the Lego has 4 dots than it’s a fourth, if the Lego has 6 dots then it’s a sixth. I will then tell the students to dived the Legos into parts like fractions. Once the Legos are separated I will ask the students to stack the Legos together and count the amount. The counted amount is the answer. The students cannot use a calculator.

Young Bloods Activity Part 1

Peyton Baranowski
Algebra PBL 1
Mr. Rob

 Fifth graders are taught a lot. But what exactly are the teachers teaching their students. These are some of the skills 5th graders should know by the time they graduate according Georgia state standards, Florida state standards, national standards, and Maryland state standards.

1- Students will be able to add and subtract decimals.

  • 2.4+3.5

2- Students will be able to add and subtract fractions

  • 3/4+1/4

3- Students will be able to find volume.

  • Find the volume of a circle with a radius of 3.

4- Students will be able to read data.

5- students will be able to find factors of numbers.

  • Find the LCM of 12

6- students will be able to understand the concept of decimal places.

  • What place is the underlined letter in 3.00457?

7- students will be able to multiply and with multiple digit numbers.

  • 83*2

8- students will be able to divide with multiple digits.

  • 23/4

9- students will be able to solve word problems.

  • Johnny had 3 apples and gave 2 away how many apples does he have left?

10- convert unit measurements.

  • Convent 2 inches to millimeters.